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Sactown Royalty Has Spoken: We Want The Hedgehog!

It's a fact: the readers of love them some Stan Van Gundy. (And don't worry, there's plenty of him to love.)

We've heard remarkably little news about SVG's desires and availability. (This is not just a slap at The Bee's less than blanket coverage of the coaching search - the local rag is doing as expected, having already dispatched with the murmured names and now waiting for officialdom to strike in the form of interviews and list-paring. But I haven't seen jack in the Miami paper, either.)

Some have said Miami has to grant permission to a team since SVG is under contract. It's pretty damn clear to anyone with two cents in their head that Van Gundy didn't voluntarily step aside - and if he did, it was because he saw the shadow of a Ginsu-wielding Pat Riley on the corridor wall. So holding Van Gundy hostage another season as a "consultant" while the team challenges for a title seems over-the-top, even with Riles involved. There may not even be a hot enough ring of Hell for such an indiscriminate act of bitchiness.

Color us optimistic that Los Maloofs can work out something with The Aquanetted One. The fact that damn near four times as many voters picked The Hedgehog than Larry Brown - the only coach not named Gregg Popovich or Phil Jackson that has won a title in the past decade (though that's changing in about a month) - speaks volumes.

We want The Hedgehog! We want The Hedgehog!

(And for those that voted 'other,' feel free to explain thyselves. For those that voted 'Ron Burgandy,' well... I just don't know...)