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Head Coach Rumors: Mario Elie?

From the Denver Post (second item):

Despite rumors, don't expect the Sacramento Kings to make a run at Larry Brown if he parts ways with the New York Knicks. One surprise candidate for the Kings' coaching opening is WNBA Sacramento Monarchs coach John Whisenant, who led his team to the WNBA championship last year.

If the Kings are that open-minded, they might want to talk to Golden State assistant Mario Elie. Why? Elie is a no-nonsense former player, won three NBA titles as a player, has been an assistant with San Antonio and Golden State and has a good relationship with Kings star and fellow New Yorker Ron Artest.

Interesting thought. Could Elie be the next Avery Johnson?

(And do not think this Whisenant lovefest isn't extremely worrying. Note that I would embrace Whiz if hired, but I would be BEYOND skeptical. BEYOND. Like...

Here's skeptical.

I'm like ------------------------------------------------------> way over there. Yeah.)

(Also, the Post mentions Marc Iavaroni, but not Stan Van Gundy. Score one for Italy.)