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Mariomania Heats Up?

ESPN's Marc Stein reports that Mario Elie is one of the candidates to be interviewed this week.

I'm getting excited about the Mario Elie possibility. Why? Because the other three candidates sources tell Stein will sit down with the Maloofs this week are P.J. Carlesimo, John Whisenant, and Eric Musselman.

Also, Stein reiterates Mario's strong relationship with Ron Artest. This should be a huge factor - a guy who knows Ron-Ron, or a guy who has seen him on TV? Elie's relationship suggests he won't do anything to piss Artest off nor will he sit by and let Artest run wild on the court.

Stein focuses on Carlesimo, and even gets a confirmation that the Maloofs want to talk to him from the jersey-wearing brother himself. Read the whole article for casual mentions of Sactown Royalty favorite Stan Van Gundy and Marc Iavaroni. Also, Maloof dismisses the idea of Larry Brown.

More reasons to be excited about Elie?

  • Three championship rings, and he earned them next to some great players - Hakeem, Clyde, The Admiral, Duncan. He's seen greatness up close, so we assume he can also spot it.
  • It'd be difficult to find a better coach to help Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia become great defensive swingmen. Between Elie and Artest, our young guard-forwards would be in mighty good hands.
  • Obviously, the reason the media will all suggest: Avery Johnson, who has a similar pedigree as Elie, ain't doing too shabby. But wait. If David Robinson was The Admiral, and Avery Johnson is the Little General, what the hell is Mario Elie? The Commodore? The Lieutenant-Colonel?
  • He might be cheaper than other options. That means the Maloofs have another couple bucks to pitch in for the arena! Woohoo!
Alright, so where does Mario Elie figure into y'alls equation?