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Holy crap.

This is a bit off-topic, but damn. That was one hell of a game. Maybe the best game I've seen in years.

Devin Harris is a gamer, a next-generation Bibby that could very easily take the starting spot on the Mavs next season. Dirk is, well, Dirk - the biggest snub in MVP voting in decades.

Steve Nash is an incredibly valuable player. Perhaps the most valuable player.

Boris Diaw has balls. I of course hate the Suns and the Spurs and the Warriors, but sh*t if I'm not excited about the French invasion of Diaw, Parker, and Pietrus. Mon dieu!

Shawn Marion is a top 10 player in this league, easily. He needs to get shipped to the East so he can be an All-Star starter. (He's not getting the nod over Dirk, Duncan, Garnett, Artest, Brand and Carmelo for the next few seasons. He's better than a couple of those any given season, but he's under a shroud behind Nash and soon Amare.)

Holy crap, what a game. It was fantastic to see such a thrilling contest with exactly zero rooting interest. (Though I've leaned toward Dallas - we are all Nowitnesses, after all. So maybe not zero rooting interest. Like half a degree of rooting interest.)

We can only hope now that the remaining 3-6 games will also be highly entertaining. Just remember - Geoff Petrie, Rick Adelman and Chris Webber made this series possible! Respect your predecessors!