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Arena in the Railyards? Go Fish.

A nice midday update from The Bee's Mary Lynne Vellinga on those downtown railyards, where an arena has been speculated:

Stan Thomas doesn't own the downtown rail yard yet, but his company announced Thursday that it had landed its first retail tenant -- Bass Pro Shops, a fishing and outdoors emporium with stores that include waterfalls, aquariums and sometimes restaurants and marinas.

Suheil Totah, who is heading up the rail yard project for Atlanta-based Thomas Enterprises, called the announcement "the biggest thing to hit downtown in years," and proof that the redevelopment of the rail yard is moving forward.


Bass Pro plans to open alongside the site earmarked by Thomas Enterprises for a new Kings arena. Totah said he has been negotiating for "several months" with the city and county of Sacramento over the logistics of putting a new arena in the railyard.

I know one guy who is absolutely thrilled about this news: Brad Miller. He can shop during timeouts! He'll seriously be one of their best customers.

Even aside for anything Kings-related, this is good for Sacramento. How many old ranch boys from Woodland, Elk Grove, Williams, East Nicholas, Galt, Lodi, Red Bluff, Redding, Placer, and Dixon will be funnelled into downtown Sac because of this? Add in the river fishermen and you've got tremendous potential.

Also, they should create some sort of shuttle between this and West Sac's IKEA. Double the parking lot at IKEA, and ship all the men across the river to Bass Pro while their women get herded through cheap Scandanavian home furnishings. (Wait, no one do this. I want to make it happen and reap the profit. Yes. Forget I ever mentioned any of this.)