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Get Used To It: Kings Head Coach John Whisenant

If this costs the Kings a high playoff seed, because Coach Whisenant takes a month to get into the flow and get the team rolling, the Maloofs are going to get burned by the fanbase. It's not necessarily right - there would be a transition with any coach - but it's absolutely inevitable in this case. (Unless the Whiz-led Kings run off 10 straight to open the season.)

(I'm conflicted on Sam Amick's stylings in the last couple pieces. It's like he knows for fact that Whisenant is going to get hired. But instead of saying it - because he can't get on the record to say it - he strongly implies it throughout. It's powerful as hell, actually, because after three vague articles on it, I'm fully convinced Whiz is getting the job. If you're not convinced, read the second-to-last line from last night's story again: "Asked by The Bee if a coach had already been chosen, Joe Maloof said, 'I can't answer that.'" D-U-N Done. And Amick puts it at the end of his story! Either brilliant or horrifying. Possibly both.)

(Oh yeah, Ailene Voisin endorses the impending Whisenant hire. I will never endorse it. If Whiz comes in and builds a great relationship with the team and does something special this season or next, I'll eat crow. I've convinced myself this ain't going to be pretty, though. Hell, I think I'll probably give Whiz more slack than a typical coach would get from me, being that he's a rookie - Francisco got some leeway this season, too. But damn. It could get pretty ugly.)