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Summer League: Five Weeks Away

You're not alone.

I've been missing Kings on-court action, too. This coaching hunt has given me a headache, and Bonzi's impending free agency may not help.

Fear not, friends! Summer league is only a month and change away!

The schedule for the Kings' five games is out. If you're making the trek, the first game is July 6 against Minnesota's cubs. (Baby wolves are cubs, right? Would they be the "Timbercubs?" And is our LVSL team the "Princes?")

Sam Amick reported last week that not only will Francisco Garcia make his return trip to Las Vegas, but that Kevin Martin will go down for the third season. Ronnie Price head down, too, as will Sergei Monia and whoever the Kings pick on June 28.

Can't wait that long? Get out to Capital Christian. The Sacramento Pro-Dev League starts up Monday, and Martin, Bobby Jackson, Matt Barnes and Jason Hart are among the guys expected to play. (Is Jameel Pugh in the country? Can we get him here?) Games start around 7 p.m. and run Mondays through Thursdays for a few weeks. Tons of fun.