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The Rampages of Sactown Royalty Continue!


The Kings will interview Memphis assistant and former Golden State head coach Eric Musselman for a second time tonight in Las Vegas, one week after he became the first candidate to interview for the head coaching post.

The decision supports what sources within the Kings organization have confirmed, that Musselman has surpassed Monarchs coach John Whisenant as the frontrunner after it was believed Whisenant had already been chosen by Kings co-owners and longtime friends Joe and Gavin Maloof.

We loudly reject Don Nelson, and he disappears into the Caribbean. We loudly reject P.J. Carlesimo, and he doesn't get a call from the Maloofs. We loudly reject (and we're still loudly rejecting - see the poll on the right) John Whisenant, and Eric Musselman laps him for top contender status?

This new-found power is heavy, but exciting.

(And yes, I'm kidding. By the way, if you're keeping score, Musselman has been upgraded from 'worrying' to 'promising,' solely because John Whisenant appears to be the chief rival.)

(And many thanks to otis29 for the heads-up.)