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I've Got An Answer!

Well, Sam Amick actually has the answer for the Kings - though he doesn't know it:

Daniel Artest, 23, is a 6-foot-5 power forward who, just months ago, nearly signed with the Albuquerque Thunderbirds, the NBA Development League team affiliated with the Kings. He played this year in the American Basketball Association.

"Ron is strong, but (Daniel is) much stronger than Ron," Artest Sr. said. "He's trying to make a career out of basketball."

WTF?! Sorry, Jason Hart. You're off the playoff roster and this guy is ON!

(I know you can't do that. But still. Summer league, anyone?)

(Oh, and this flying Pops out for some games is great and all. Really classy. I hope it's not distracting to Ron-Ron Jr. - I wouldn't think it has been given his big fourth quarter Tuesday. But still. A bit nerve-racking. Oh, and Sr. is not going to get left alone by NYC-based Kings fans from now on.)