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Today's Edition of Sactown Royalty Brought To You By...

If you never read any other Carnival of the NBA, you should read the one Jason Gurney of Lowpost just posted.

(For the uninitiated, Carnivals are collections/round-ups of blog posts on a particular topic. Thus, the Carnival of the NBA is a collection of posts on the NBA. It typically comes out twice a month or so. A different hoopsblogger does it each time.)

Jason's assigns each major hoopsblogger as a member of Superfriends. You'll have to check it out yourself to see which one I draw. Also, the actual Ryan Bowen from the Rockets (who writes an actual blog) gets by far the most fitting "mascot." And Jason's manages to sum up my various and varying feelings on Ron-Ron over the season as well - a great refresher on a tumultuous season, even for me. (And I wrote the crap!)