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It's over.

I don't have a whole lot more to say right now.

The last four months have been beyond exhilirating, and that it definitely owed to the Sacramento Kings and their great community of fans. Everything from Miller's threes against Memphis and Ron-Ron's block on Kobe, to Bibby's steal and Martin's lay-up - it's been thrilling. There have been some low points - seeing the team down by 20 in the fourth quarter of an elimination is hard to beat - but they wouldn't have happened without our expectations getting turned around by the huge turn-around that Bibby and Miller, Artest and Wells, Shareef and Thomas, Martin and Garcia, Adelman and Petrie, and Joe and Gavin were a major part of.

I'll take a Game 6 blow-out loss over sitting and twiddling my thumbs the last two weeks. It was a great run, and it fell short.

Lessening the sting, of course, is the incredibly exciting off-season ahead and the news about Darrell Steinberg getting involved in the arena push. There will be dozens of storylines in the next few weeks, and we should all be excited about that.

We all know being a Kings fan is a year-round job. And it's not over yet.