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No news from anywhere on Rick Adelman or the coaching situation. Ailene Voisin wants him to be re-signed quickly. I agree that speedy resolution is needed, though I'm not as decisive as to whether RA should be back or not.

It's a double-edged sword for me, actually. On one hand, the guy is a player's coach, so he fits perfectly with testy guys like Ron Artest and Bonzi Wells. He's not going to tell them to stop shooting.

On the other hand, he is so completely hands-off that he costs his team a couple wins a season, and possibly more. Just look at this team pre-Artest. No leadership on the floor, no leadership from the bench. Look at Game 2, when he was thoroughly outcoached. (However, he pretty much held his own the rest of the way. It wasn't jaw-dropping coaching, but it was nice.)

I'm getting the feeling that there's no way Geoff Petrie is blowing this team up. That tough series against the defending champs was probably enough to ensure another go with a similar squad next season.

With this team - with Ron-Ron and point-center Brad Miller and shooting-point Mike Bibby - Rick Adelman is the right coach. The synergy from 2001-2002 has a chance at being re-established - remember, that squad was tops in defensive field goal percentage and near the top on offense. With such a great individual defender and defensive-minded team leader on the squad, a la Doug Christie, this team will continue to perform on defense. Adelman is an offensive genius, and he'll get more out of Artest on that end than we saw this season. He needs some help, with the most glaring needs at backup center and point guard. But this is a team he can get into the top 10 in offensive efficiency.

Who knows if Adelman will go for it, but I'd say sign him to a one or two-year deal. He's emphasized that he doesn't want to leave the area this summer, because his son will be a senior in high school come September. And he knows he could command a big chunk of change elsewhere, a prize that's not likely to go away sometime next year.

With this team, I want Adelman. If it was still Peja and Mike and Brad, I'd prefer a new guy. But Adelman is the best option for this team. (And if Artest gets traded, I reserve the right to throw Adelman to the curb.)

Okay guys, state your preference: Another season of Adelmania, or new blood?