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Donnelsonmania? God, no.

Now that the season is complete, leave it to the freaking Racine Journal-Times to kick up the dust on Don Nelson as Kings head coach.

I don't think I need to outline the reasons why Don Nelson is a BAD idea to coach the Kings. I mean, do I?

  1. Don Nelson is an offense-minded gimmicky coach on a team currently built to post up, shoot, and play tough defense. Nelson may have worked with Webb and Peja, but not with Artest, Reef and possibly Wells.
  2. Don Nelson too closely resembles Jabba.
  3. Don Nelson ain't never won nothing. And unlike Rick Adelman, Nelson ain't ever really came close.
  4. Don Nelson had much of the same roster second-year coach Avery Johnson now employs. Nelson was a usual contender for the fifth seed. Johnson has his squad in the top three in the entire NBA.
  5. Don Nelson sucks.
There you go. Tell your friends to just say no to Don Nelson. Sacramento will be a better place for it.