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No Adelmania Update; Team Holding Workouts

Sam Amick writes that there's no update on Rick Adelman's status. The Blond Maloof says they need a few days to decompress. (What? It's been four days. How long do you need? Especially considering your access to hookers and booze. Use your resources, man.) The sooner this gets worked out, the better. So here's to hoping to mood strikes sometime this week, before Adelman succeeds Eddie Jordan in D.C.

Meanwhile, Amick also drops a note about the first draft workouts, which happened Monday:

The players on hand: Oklahoma power forward Taj Gray, UCLA 7-foot center Ryan Hollins, Stanford point guard Chris Hernandez and Pacific guard Johnny Gray.

None of these guys are even close to the first round right now, at least according to DraftExpress's mock draft. (And I happen to trust DraftExpress more than Chad Ford or any of the others.) Both Taj Gray and Hollins are seniors, and will probably get picked up by someone in the second round. I doubt Hernandez or Johnny Gray will get drafted, so there are free agent possibilities there, a la Ronnie Price.

I really hope Amick keeps letting us know when the team works a player out. That way, we can keep a running tab. Like this:

Taj Gray, PF, Oklahoma (5/8)
Ryan Hollings, C, UCLA (5/8)
Chris Hernandez, PG, Stanford (5/8)
Johnny Gray, PG, Pacific (5/8)