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Another Assistant Coach Reported To Be Coming to Sactown

The New York Daily News says Knicks assistant Brendan O'Connor is Sactown-bound.

O'Connor has strong Eric Musselman ties, having assisted under the Kings head coach for four seasons in the USBL and CBA in the 90s. In those two seasons with Muss at the USBL's Florida Sharks, the pair won back-to-back championships.

O'Connor has been a Larry Brown assistant for the past three seasons, including the championship year in Detroit. The Daily News said O'Connor was considered the fourth assistant on that team, and would assumedly be a top assistant with Musselman.

O'Connor graduated from St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., in 1994, which pegs him to be somewhere in his mid- to late-30s. He has no professional playing experience, and possibly no college playing experience.

So Musselman is 41 years old. Scott Brooks, the Denver assistant apparently coming to the Kings, turns 42 in July. And O'Connor is in his mid-30s. It's a damn youth movement!

At least we know our coach shouldn't need a few days off for chest pains or anything. That's a plus.

(Oh, and this is completely off-track, but it's a pretty momentous occasion for me: I have never agreed with Marcos Breton as much as I do today. In fact, I almost never agree with Breton. We'll just say he's not my favorite Bee columnist. And sometimes he really pisses me off. But damn if he is not 100 percent on target in today's column on News10's decision to tape-delay the U.S.-Italy World Cup match Saturday in order to show the Sacramento Monarchs live. Someone absolutely needs to be fired for this. Luckily, I live in a magical place where both the San Francisco and Sacramento network affiliates are on the dial. So I can flip over to ABC 7 and happily enjoy the match in English. Although I'll probably watch it on Univision anyways, because the commentary on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2 has damn near violated the Geneva Convention rules on torture. Anyways, want it live and in English? Drive west. Sunny Vacaville has plenty of chain restaurants with sizeable bar areas. And I guarantee you not a single one will be showing the Monarchs.)