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ESPN: Musselman is the new head coach

Extra, extra, read all about it: Musselman got the gig.

I think we've summed up our feelings pretty thoroughly this week, and this post from this morning is probably the best gauge, if you want our opinion.

This post will be updated as necessary.

Update [2006-6-2 18:11:49 by TZ]: Sam Amick says Musselman's camp is confirming it, and the Kings have a press conference scheduled for Saturday. Which means Musselman is absolutely the coach.

Update [2006-6-2 18:27:25 by TZ]: Okay, some very minor thoughts:

  • Painting the new coach's name on his door won't be too hard: Rick Adelman to Eric Musselman. Get rid of the K, add an E; erase 'Ad' and stencil in 'Muss.' Someone facilities guy is very happy with this choice.
  • Musselman, of course, is the one top candidate a Sacramento Bee columnist didn't spend a whole column one. Marty McNeal wrote at length about both Larry Brown and Mario Elie; Ailene Voisin wrote about Brown and John Whisenant. Dude wasn't that much of a longshot, was he?
  • Time for a crow smoothie: I underestimated either the power of Geoff Petrie or the PR skills of the Maloofs when I said Whisenant was a lock earlier this week. I don't know what changed their mind, but I appreciate it greatly.

Update [2006-6-2 18:55:25 by TZ]: Party-time at Arden!
Meet the Coach: On Saturday, June 3, at approximately 1 p.m., the Sacramento Kings will officially announce their new head coach. Following the announcement, a "Meet the Coach" event for Kings Fans will be held at the Arden Fair Mall (Center Court - In front of Nordstrom) at 3:30 p.m. The new coach, Joe and Gavin Maloof and Geoff Petrie will be in attendance.

I'm thinking I might be in attendance. Anyone know a super-fast way to create a "Sactown Royalty" t-shirt?