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Chad Ford's Updated Mock Draft

Chad Ford has a new mock draft out (for you ESPN Insiders, anyways). He still has the Kings passing up on the very long Saer Sene and drafting the very fast Sergio Rodriguez at #19.

Speaking of Sene, DraftExpress has posted a long highlight reel of the kid's short career. I haven't got a chance to watch it yet, so feel free to give me your impressions from it.

And finally, on the mock draft front, the boys behind the Killer Crossover podcast spent the better part of the last month organizing a giant basketblogosphere mock draft. They're posting it in five installments, with the first coming today. Essentially, bloggers representing each team were involved in a giant mock draft. After all was said and done, the bloggers were forced to defend their pick. Ryan from HoopsAddict and Justin from Celtics17 compiled all this, and they're laying it out the rest of the week. The portion including pick #19, chosen by yours truly, will be out tomorrow.