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Notes from the Championship

Some randomness about the playoffs and specifically, the championship round:

  • Miami has shown how to win a title: Get two MVP candidates, a Hall-of-Fame coach, and former All-Stars to plug in holes. Easy enough.
  • Stop the LeBron James/Dwyane Wade argument. Now. Did LeBron have one of the greatest centers of all-time next to him, along with a Hall-of-Fame backcourt running mate, a four-time championship head coach, and one of the best defensive centers of the modern era? The playing field is not level. With those complimentary pieces, the Cavs would've swept Dallas.
  • On Wade: Damn, I'd say he was the third best player in the league today. Let's go with 1) Kobe, 2) LeBron, 3) Wade. Yeah, makes sense.
  • Wow, it is too bad Shaqramento never happened. Could Shaq, Miller, Peja, and Bobby Jackson have done it? Of course, the trade would NEVER have happened - the Lakers paid a premium in horrible return value just to ship Diesel out of the conference. They wouldn't even deal with Dallas, who wasn't exactly a fearsome rival. (Imagine Shaq, Terry, Harris, Stackhouse. That team ain't bad. But then, neither is Kobe and Nowitski. I'm so glad Shaq-to-Miami happened.)
  • Slashers are obviously the highest ship in the ocean right now. The calls Wade was getting were ridiculous. LeBron, Kobe, and Gilbert Arenas would have gotten every single one, as well. It's not bad for the league, it just changes things. In Shaq's reign with Los Angeles, teams with bulky bullies in the middle had huge advantages. Now, because of the hand-check rules and general feeling that sneezing on someone on the perimeter counts as a foul, speedy guys that can create outweigh all else. What this mean for the Kings? Just another reason to free Kevin Martin and let Bonzi Wells get paid elsewhere. Martin isn't a Kobe, but he could be an All-Star caliber player with sufficient touches.
  • Don't look now, but the city of Miami trails only Boston and Los Angeles in number of Big 3 (NBA, MLB, NFL) championships in the last decade. Boston has the three Patriots titles and their baseball team evidently did something important two seasons ago. L.A. has the three Lakers titles and that Angels championship that actually didn't happen. Miami has this ring and two Marlins titles (1997 and 2003). New York has only their three Yankees titles from the late 1990s. N.Y. also has twice the number of Big 3 teams as Miami. Combine this with the weather and South Beach, and I've decided I will never feel particularly sorry for anyone from Miami ever again.
  • The championship will possibly one of the craziest ever. Like, University of Maryland in 2002 crazy. Depending on your will to live, avoid South Florida this week.