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Come to My Pod

(By the way, of all the Weezer songs I've quoted in posts or named posts after, this is easily the strangest.)

Yours truly made an appearance on the Killer Crossover mock draft podcast. Well, I didn't really make an appearance as I couldn't call in to explain why I selected Saer Sene with the #19 pick. But I did e-mail an explanation so HoopsAddict's Ryan could read it in his best Tom Ziller voice. (Note: I'm a little less Canadian sounding.)

In generally, the podcast is highly entertaining - it sure as hell beat listening to Whitey Gleason, F.P. Santangelo, and Phantom babble about the remarkably stupid "Shadow Club" this morning. If nothing else, listen to it just to hear Ryan butcher "Hedo Turkoglu" just like Jerry Reynolds used to. Ahh, memories.