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Coaching Staff, ASSEMBLE!

Eric Musselman pulled out the conch last night, and got his new team of coaches together at the Monarchs game, according to The Bee's Sam Amick and Melody Gutierrez..

Here's the list:

  • Jason Lamm, video coordinator for Memphis and dude who's currently working Francisco Garcia out.
  • T.R. Dunn, Adelman assistant and defensive specialist who used to play in Denver.
  • Brendan O'Connor, the Larry Brown guy. Has CBA experience.
  • Mark Hughes, most recently an assistant under Steve Fischer at San Diego State, also a former Michigan Wolverine and NBA role player. Also has CBA experience.
  • Clay Moser, a former advance scout with Golden State under Musselman. Has CBA experience.
  • Scott Brooks, the one assistant who wasn't in attendance last night due to ongoing contract issues with Denver, where Brooks is currently the top assistant under George Karl.
I know literally nothing about Moser, Hughes, and Lamm. What I do know about Brooks and O'Connor was gleaned from official bios and brief discussions in newspaper articles. I wish I knew more about Dunn, other than what's in this 2004 Kings press release and his Basketball-Reference page. I also know that this might be the most CBA coaching staff ever assembled in the NBA. It's CBA pride in spite of Isiah Thomas!

The Kings PR team will surely some sort of release when it's official, so we'll just have to wait until Stan Kroenke frees Scott Brooks.

Free Scott Brooks!

Update [2006-6-22 10:21:52 by TZ]: Well, another Isiah-cursed coach got freed: ESPN says Larry Brown just got axed in New York. Isiah will take over. Maybe if the Brooks thing gets ruined, Brown can work under Musselman?