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Staff Officially Assembled

The staff has been announced, and it's as was reported by The Bee Thursday (and by us shortly thereafter):

  • Scott Brooks, Manteca native, 10-year NBA role-player, recently the top assistant in Denver.
  • T.R. Dunn, Ademan assistant, former defensive stalwart, hip dude, named after Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Brendan O'Connor, Larry Brown assistant, CBA guy.
  • Mark Hughes, San Diego State assistant and former national champion at Michigan.
  • Jason Hamm, former video coordinator at Memphis, friend of the Muss and apparently of Francisco Garcia.
  • Clay Moser, former Warriors advance scout who will serve in the same capacity here.
The Bee's Amick passes along another important note in today's story: the Kings didn't have to compensate Denver for taking Brooks, who still had one year on his deal. I almost wonder if this a product of the good karma Geoff Petrie has racked up. In any event, thanks Stan Kroenke and George Karl! We owe you one!