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Turbulence Ahead

The draft has officially entered the crazy stage, when rumors flip by the minute and all the conventional wisdom we've built up over the past two months is gone.

Let's start debunking the things we thought we knew:

  1. The Kings are drafting a point guard or a center. Apparently, the Kings may think they can either get a cheap back-up point guard or find the answer within (read: Ronnie Price or Francisco Garcia). As for center... well, who has centers anymore? Miami? Dallas? Relics of the old world, says I.
  2. The Kings don't need a shooting guard, swingman, or power forward. I had been assuming depth at these positions. But if Bonzi Wells walks (which I assume he will), there's a missing piece needed at the swing position. And if Garcia is being used as an experiment in backing up Mike Bibby, then two pieces or one piece and a major maturation for Sergei Monia are need. And at power forward, what if Kenny Thomas goes away? Then you have Shareef Abdur-Rahim and Corliss Williamson. Corliss isn't exactly spry anymore. So it's not outside the realm of possibilities for Geoff Petrie to take a swing player.
  3. Because of the underwhelming mid first-round NCAA prospect pool, it's going to be an international player. Wrong again. Petrie has chosen three international players in Sacramento, and a half-dozen college guys. (And Bodiroga never came over.) Only Peja Stojakovic stayed overseas a couple years to develop before coming stateside. Most teams would rather have their players in their gyms, with their coaches under their watchful eye. But these players need playing time to develop, which is hard to deliver when you're gunning for a championship and trying to give your coach some autonomy. So it's another whole layer of crap to deal with.
What's sparked all this backtracking? Well, Chad Ford's latest mock draft has the Kings selecting Florida State power forward Alexander Johnson, and DraftExpress has Sacramento taking Kentucky point guard Rajon Rondo.

Johnson wouldn't be surprising solely because he's a product of the same trainer (David Thorpe) as Kevin Martin. And Rondo is a reverse Bibby - very good on defense, could work on his shooting. We know how hard the Maloofs have stressed defense, and we know that Sergio Rodriguez isn't the best defender in the world.

It appears our beloved Saer Sene (who destroyed Sergio in the SR Poll) is getting too much buzz, and will likely be taken by Utah at #14 or by the Suns, who are expected to move up into the mid-teens.

But expect the conventional wisdom on who the Kings will be selecting to change at least 100 more times between now and Wednesday evening.