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Don't Cry For Me, Jamal Sampson

The Oakland Tribune has an interesting piece on Jamal Sampson, the Kings' 2005-06 human victory cigar.

Ben Braun, Cal's head coach, remarks in the story that Sampson could definitely have used another couple years of college. It'd be ridiculous to argue against that. Sampson needs actual playing time, period.

Sadly, he's not eligible for NBDL assignment since he's been in the league four seasons. This means he either needs to go to the NBDL or Europe instead of signing another one-year flyer with an NBA team to sit on the bench, or he needs to wait for a team that will promise a chance at the rotation.

I'm not holding my breath and waiting for Sampson to develop - four NBA head coaches (Terry Porter, Phil Jackson, Bernie Bickerstaff, and Rick Adelman) have seen Jamal in the preseason and in practice and have decided that he wouldn't make their team better. I mean, when you get cut by the expansion Charlotte Bobcats, I don't think you're the next Jermaine O'Neal.

The right decision for Sampson is one only he knows. I can't imagine that it's "playing" in Sacramento next season, though.

(However: Who knows what Eric Musselman thinks of him? Tabla rosa, right? Maybe Jamal can be the back-up center the Kings need, if he's given some valuable minutes.)