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The Polisher

Great write-up on David Thorpe, the trainer who delivered Kevin Martin and Udonis Haslem to the NBA, and who's about to do the same for Florida State power forward Alexander Johnson and University of Miami point guard Guillermo Diaz.

Speedracer never hesitates to credit Thorpe for taking him from a good player to an NBA player. The story is that Martin was a possible second rounder until teams started having private workouts with him. In his workout in front of Geoff Petrie, Martin shot over 80 percent. The rest is history. And of course, Thorpe says he just takes the talent and makes it sellable in the NBA - polishing the final work.

Thorpe products are consistently proven to be hard-working and very focused on consistently improving. We've seen the strides Martin has made, and well, Haslem is a starter for a world championship team.

Thorpe's involvement in their training certainly makes me more intrigued about Johnson and Diaz. Also, if Petrie chooses Johnson at #19 tomorrow, that means Kenny Thomas is G-O-N-E. And that's one of the three goals for the offseason.