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Last Minute Mock Drafts

Chad Ford's last mock draft has the Kings taking Alex Johnson. So does DraftExpress, though it's not clear that site has updated its mock this morning.

The Bee also says its Johnson, with a possibility of Quincy Douby if AJ is off the board. In a final pre-draft story, The Bee's Sam Amick also writes that Kings officials called Johnson's agent worriedly Tuesday after hearing a rumor that AJ broke his leg in a workout in Memphis. (The rumor was wrong - AJ sprained his ankle.)

For a guy no one was placing there a week ago, a lot of experts sure seem to think AJ in Sactown-bound. But no one knows what Geoff Petrie is thinking, ever. Could it be a smokescreen to get other interested teams to leapfrog the Kings and pick Johnson, all so a different player falls to Sacramento?

Ninety-five percent of what you've heard the last few months regarding the draft has been utter crap. The hard part is disseminating what the good 5 percent is. Regardless, we'll find out in a few hours.