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Draft Day 2006, Open Thread

I will be hard at work all day, and in transit for the early stages of the draft. So consider this thread your forum for all things draft.

Please post links to any rumors you find on reputable sites or see across The Bottom Line, so everyone else can see the stuff, too.

Also, post your "draft boards" for the Kings' #19 pick. And leave off consensus lottery picks - we'll assume you support drafting Randy Foye if he magically falls to #19.

To get us started, here's mine:

  1. Saer Sene, C, Senegal - Sactown needs a big, spry defender. Hmm. Also, one more person in Sacramento to speak French with. C'est tres bonne.
  2. Sergio Rodriguez, PG, Spain - Before anyone can even start talking about moving Bibby's contract, we need someone in the wings. Also, some immediate offensive help on the bench is needed. Also, it's fun to yell "Sergio."
  3. Alex Johnson, PF, Florida State - A strong body with some skills that could help grease the rail line out of Sacramento for KT.
  4. JJ Reddick, SG, Duke - Don't laugh: This guy is a lottery talent. And the Kings seriously need a shooter off the bench, especially if Kevin Martin gets the starting nod. Reddick at #19 is a steal.
  5. Leon Powe, PF, Cal - Like I said, you can't root against this guy. Could be a tremendous compliment to Ron Artest, a new tough-as-jerky running mate.
Alright, let's hear it!