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Leon Powe: The Most Deserving Draftee

If you're anywhere near a computer today, you should spend lots of time at True Hoop, widely (and correctly) regarded as the best basketblog in the world.

Henry Abbott, the man behind True Hoop, has enlisted a number of bloggers for his draft coverage. All day, he's providing profiles of lesser-known draft prospects, with tons of links, video, and audio. It's 8 in the morning, and I've already fallen behind! There is going to be TONS of stuff. Plus, he's going to liveblog once David Stern pops up at MSG.

For a local angle, check out the essay I wrote for the coverage, on Oakland native Leon Powe. As I write in the essay, Powe may be a stretch for the Kings at #19 - he's projected to be a mid- to late-second rounder - but it'd be impossible to root against this guy anywhere in the nation.

Even after the Kings selection is made, I'll be interested in watching to see what happens to Powe. After you hear his story, I'm guessing you will be, too.