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Quincy Douby is a Sacramento King

What? Another skinny gunner?

Here's the True Hoop profile of the kid. It includes an excerpt from this tremendous story. (In the story, Douby is in a gym as 125-pound high school sophomore, shooting threes for Villanova head coach Jay Wright. Douby is wearing one of those ridiculous puffy jackets. I would pay much money for video of this.)

Douby is from Brooklyn. The Kings now have three of the five boroughs covered. (Francisco Garcia represents the Bronx; Ron Artest, of course, is from Queens.)

Come July 1 (when Bonzi Wells is officially a free agent), the shooting guard depth chart for the Kings (Kevin Martin, Garcia, and Douby) will weigh a combined 555 pounds, or roughly the same weight as backup center Vitaly Potapenko.

The white "Douby" jersey is projected to sell well in south Sacramento and even Fair Oaks.

When Geoff Petrie finds a player he likes, it's apparently difficult to dissuade him: Douby was one of the first guys to show up at #19 in mock drafts, shortly following his audition in Natomas.

I like the Douby choice. My personal preference is Sergio Rodriguez there, but Douby is a guy who can contribute this season. He can probably play some PG along with plenty of minutes behind Kevin Martin. I can't believe how far Marcus Williams fell, and I'm sort of relieved the Kings didn't choose him.

No one outside of Sacramento will be discussing this pick tomorrow, however. There is way too much going on today. I mean, holy crap. What a crazy draft.