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Musselman, Smartest Guy in the Room

(Warning: It's going to be Musselman porn today at Sactown Royalty. So much Musselman, your sensory nodes will explode.)

The best bit to come out of the process yet, as relayed by Sam Amick:

"He came with two books, and each book was 100 pages," Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof said. "He had every single practice, every single drill that he's ever run. He knew the likes and dislikes of all of our players. He knew their hobbies. He put it all together, and we didn't even give him that much lead time, probably two or three days. I said, 'You probably stayed up all night.'"

I won't lie to save face - I smiled when I read this passage. People said dude was a good interview, but damn! Two volumes on drills, sets, and practices, along with personality profiles of all the Kings players? Damn!

Let's dip into our subconscious and try to imagine what one of these profiles looks like...

Name: Ron Artest

Position: SF

Height: 6'7

Weight: 260

Hometown: Queensbridge, NY

Likes: Rap music, chicken wings, taking ridiculous three-pointers, embarassing opponents, high-fives, long walks on the beach, every coaching candidate he's been asked about, spray paint, daisies.

Dislikes: Detroit, Ben Wallace, David Stern, Detroit, playing in Indianapolis, Rick Carlisle, being taken out of the game, camera equipment and Gatorade jugs, people talking sh*t.

Hobbies: Opening for rap star Young Jeezy, getting his face painted on the side of his tour bus, promoting washed-up 90s female singing groups.

Part of me wonders if Musselman also had each of the Maloof brothers' hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Blackmail, anyone?

One thing is for certain, though: The process was a bit different than I had imagined it.