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Random Thoughts from the Musselman Press Conference...

  • Strange tie choice from Musselman. The gold era is over! (Hopefully.)
  • Who the f*ck let the Sacramento Observer in? And who the hell let him ask three questions?
  • Sam Amick seems beloved by the management and the press corps. We like Amick, too. Hurray Amick.
  • Musselman's comments on wanting to "touch all his players" is disturbing. He also said it's most important to touch the end of the bench players. You've been warned, Ronnie Price.
  • Mike Lamb should not be allowed to wear anything other than a football jersey in public. He's too hilarious in other styles of dress.
  • Gary Gerould is the old annoying guy who thinks he's so much better than everyone solely because he's put in more years, huh?
  • Hearing the "Fun Fishing" jingle one more time would definitely have lead to the destruction of my wife's dear coffee table, followed by repeated self-mutilation with a broken shard.
  • Whoever is coaching the L.A. Sparks just cursed on live TV. Wait, nevermind. I'm not watching WNBA basketball.
  • OK, actual Musselman thoughts: kind of funny, seemed relaxed, seemed very comfortable with the Maloofs and Petrie, encouraging words about Bonzi Wells, refreshing in his disclosure that Gilbert Arenas doesn't currently hate him, refreshingly psyched about the Rivercats, needs a haircut, seems like he'll have a decent enough relationship with the media (especially Amick), looks like two seasons under Fratello took 20 years off his life.
  • Joe Maloof thoughts: Good God man, take a freaking nap.
  • Gavin Maloof thoughts: What, no Kenny Thomas jersey? Hater.
  • Geoff Petrie thoughts: This man is a deity.
When does the season start? What, we've got five months? Crap!