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Summer League Roster... So Far

Don't look now, but the Vegas Summer League starts next Thursday. The Kings will take on Minnesota's representatives on Thursday, followed by New Orleans on Friday, Toronto on 7/9, the Renaldo Balkmans on 7/10, and Dallas on 7/12.

Back in May, Sam Amick reported the first few familiar names heading to Vegas:

Kevin Martin
Francisco Garcia
Ronnie Price
Sergei Monia

Thanks to various published reports from throughout the country, we can add the following:

Quincy Douby (duh)
Taj Gray, F, Oklahoma
Yemi Nicholson, C, University of Denver
Justin Williams, C, University of Wyoming
Louis Amundson, F, UNLV

I wouldn't be surprised to see Sac State guard Jason Harris make the trip, as well.

If you find any other names, post them in the comments section here.

Update [2006-7-1 10:7:26 by TZ]: Ron Artest might play in the summer league. That was not a typo: Ron Artest might play in the summer league. Wow. Oh, and Cal forward Rod Benson also.