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Richmond, Webber, Adelman... Musselman?

SBNation brother site Golden State of Mind grumbles about the Warriors letting Eric Musselman leave town and get to Sacramento:

"Players may have disagreed with Muss and maybe even hated him, but many of them actually improved under his tenure. Muss gave both Gilbert Arenas and Earl Boykins a chance when many people doubted their abilities and helped them earn huge contracts. JRich and Troy can also credit Muss for putting them in a position to succeed. Eric Dampier aka LA-Z-Boy owes Muss millions. ... If you're a Kings fan you should be delighted."

Read the whole post - you can taste the Dub-fans' love for Muss and disdain for Mike Montgomery. Atma Brother ONE also links to a previous post, which includes the hilarious Musselman rip on a rookie Mike Dunleavy, Jr.:

"After the Warriors beat the Spurs opening night in his rookie season a reporter asked then new head coach Eric Musselman why Dunleavy didn't play. Muss responded 'Because we were trying to win the game.'"

This means Jason Hart ain't getting in, right?