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Theus Was On the Short List?

According to the Associated Press, former King and current New Mexico State coach Reggie Theus was scheduled to interview for the Sacramento job.

But Theus was about to leave town when contacted last week, so the interview wasn't going to happen until this week. Then of course, Eric Musselman came in and wowed the pants off of the Maloofs (not literally, I hope). So Reggie didn't get a chance to engage in witty New Mexican banter with the brothers.

As Muss assembles his coaching staff, you have to wonder if Theus (or even John Whisenant) would be someone he'd look at. The AP report mentions that Theus would have to pay NMSU back some money from his contract should he leave before the end of next season, but I'm sure it's something that could be worked out. NBA assistant coaches don't exactly work for free.

Do you guys have any ideas about assistant coaches? Would you prefer to see small staffs (a la the Adelman era) or larger stables (a la the Dallas Mavericks)? Any great offensive minds you think would give it go here?