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Sacramento Professional Development League Update

Marty McNeal updates us on the rundown of players scheduled to play games in the Sacramento Professional Development League this month. Mike Bibby and Shareef Abdur-Rahim have been added to the already reported list of Kevin Martin, Jason Hart, Ronnie Price, Matt Barnes, and Bobby Jackson. Gerry McNamara and various ex-Sac State Hornets (including Jameel Pugh, who's guaranteed to break out a ridiculous dunk at some point) will also participate.

I'm guessing Bibby is going to play just a few games, and I would assume the same with Shareef. Martin could very well play twice a week all month. Jackson? Who knows, with the free agency and his youth camp coming up later this month.

The All-Star game, which featured Martin scoring something like 50 last year, is June 30 at 7 p.m. Games are $5, and there's one every night, Monday through Thursday, from now to June 30.