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Kevin Martin, From the Line

Most serious Kings fans know we have something intriguing in Kevin Martin. He's quickest King in ages, he can hit from all over the court, and he has a remarkable knack for finishing.

Last season, he was for a while among the top 15 in the league in free throw rate, which combines free throw frequency and free throw accuracy into one measure. That number could get even better this year.

Martin took 24 free throws in 33 minutes against Toronto's summer league team last night. Yeah, it's summer league. And yeah, it's the Raptors. But it's clear Martin is going to go to his strength - drawing fouls and sinking free throws - this season even more than before. This has drawn a couple to mention the Dwyane Wade comparison, which is fair on a level or two but unfair on all other levels.

This is the type of thing we thought Mike Bibby was going to do last season - turn into Allen Iverson Lite. In several games, Bibby did get to the line an inordinate amount of times, and those happened to be the games when Bibby was most efficient. He could get up into the 25 points per game range - and the All-Star game - if he would try to get to the line 10 times a game. That's how Dwyane Wade does it, that's how Gilbert Arenas does it, that's partly how LeBron James does it.

Martin looks like he's going to do it. Will Bibby follow suit?