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Arena Talks NOT Dead

Like a phoenix rising from the... oh, forget it.

The arena talks are back on, according to Ailene Voisin. It looks like the league intervened, bringing Vice Mayor Rob Fong and friends to New York for a sitdown and sending a few delegates to Las Vegas for a Tuesday knock-down drag-out.

Joe Maloof should probably where his heart on his sleeve a bit less, though - in today's article, he sounds as if he on ecstacy. Two weeks ago, when the deal died, he sounded suicidal. Some sort of moderated emotion might ease the pain if this should not work out, too.

I think because of this last ditch meeting, something will probably get on the ballot. It may not be what the Kings organization wants, and that doesn't bode well in the future. But you can't run before you walk, right? (Unless you're Superman's kid.)