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Something Big Brewing?

Jeff Clark of CelticsBlog is guestblogging at True Hoop while Henry Abbott has a baby. (Well, while Mrs. Abbott has a baby. I think. You're never quite sure in today's world.)

For fear of been dragged down into rumor-mongering, I'm just going to quote Jeff's latest post in full:

Turnabout is fair play.  Last time Henry filled in for me, he started a trade rumor, so here I am starting one on his site.  There is a bit of rumbling on the message boards and radio airwaves (in Sactown I believe) about a blockbuster, 6 team trade that could go down as early as today (the first day free agents can sign).  No word on the participants or players involved.  I have zero confirmation from anywhere and this could be pure fabrication, but it sure is fun.

Chew on that.

I didn't listen to a second of KHTK this morning. (The Rise Guys are still on at this hour, aren't they?) Anyone got some info from the radio side? Judging from the (notoriously inaccurate) RealGM forums, Grant Napear might be involved. (Not in the trade, though that'd be great. In the information surfacing.)