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Geoff Petrie and Bonzi's Agent: Best Friends Forever

Marty McNeal tells us that Kings GM Geoff Petrie and Bonzi's agent William Phillips have been talking nonstop this week.

That tells me they're trying to find the right deal out there, not here, for Bonzi. It's pretty clear that Petrie isn't raising his offer until he's forced to, by an outside team with cap space flashing more than $36 million over five.

It's also pretty clear that's not going to happen.

I imagine Phillips is acting as one of the most active GMs in the league, then - trying to broker deals to a) get Bonzi mo' money and b) get Petrie to pull the trigger. (And yes, the priorities are in that order. And since it seems Phillips is the main actor, for a sign-and-trade to happen, Petrie is going to have to buy in to whatever Phillips can find out there.)

In other Bonzi news - well, this changes everything:

"Bonzi's been taking yoga to increase his flexibility and doing Pilates to strengthen his core," Phillips said of his client, who missed 30 games last season with groin injuries. "Those injuries he had last year, to be honest, made him want to improve his flexibility."

If he's talking about "strengthening his core," he really has been doing that sh*t! Maybe if we keep him here, he can lead some classes downtown. Tell me you wouldn't sign up for "Yogi Bonzi's Enlightenment Through Flexibility" training.