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More Arena Chatter

Still no resolution on the arena issue, though Ailene Voisin chimes in. And the bright minds at The Sac Rag - Kings fans, but not necessarily obsessives like us - are discussing the issue here, here, and here. Good points all around over there.

Even though the details are cloudy and the ballot measure is still uncertain at best, you can almost see the final talking points being formed by both sides. Funny thing? They're the same exact talking points that have been levied since 2002.

(Side note: Sactown Royalty had its 100,000th pageview the other day, and should be hitting 50,000 visits by Thursday. July is also very close to being the busiest month ever. You know why? This is the place to get intelligent Kings talk without flame wars, fascist moderators, and complete and utter repetition. And all of that is because of the commenters - the best self-policers out there. So, thank you.)