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It Was Fun, Jamal Sampson

We all knew Jamal Sampson wouldn't be asked to reprise his role as a taller, less toothy Mateen Cleaves next season.

Now, it appears official, as The Denver Post reports that Sampson is signing with the Nuggets.

Jamal hasn't showed anything in his five (five!) seasons in the league. He's been cut from an expansion team. He played less than 100 minutes for a team with severe bench deficiencies and almost no depth at center.

But hell, he's 7-feet-tall and 23 years old. Never a bad gamble, especially with somewhat of a best-case-scenario like Marcus Camby as a mentor.

It's far from sad to see Sampson go, but it could sting a bit if he decides to put it all together in Colorado. I wish him luck.