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Naming Arco III

It's way ahead of the game, but The Bee's Alison apRoberts has a fun idea: name the new arena!

My suggestions:

  • Squeezeburger Inn Arena: The Big Squeeze! Also, as suggested before, we need a location in the practice facility to help muscle (fatten?) up Kevin Martin, Francisco Garcia, and Quincy Douby.
  • Tower Arena at the Railyards: Tower is a Sacramento institution. I don't think they'll be shelling out $20 million for naming rights anytime soon, though. Any name should include "at the Railyards," just so we can call it "The Yard." Wouldn't it be great to have a non-baseball venue you could refer to as The Yard?
  • Albertsons Arena: Solely to compete with Raley Field across the river. As in the supermarket, it'd be "Albys" for short.
  • Alpha Beta Basketball Arena: "I'll meet you at ABBA." This would also guarantee extended runs for "Mama Mia!" at the community theater.
  • Cheesecake Factory Center: "The Big Cheese?" It worked once...
  • Jackson Rancheria Sports Center: Naming rights for a local Indian casino seems like a no-brainer. I say if this happens, we turn insensitive and call the place "The Injun." (Ducks under thrown tomahawks and spears.) (Dodges lightning for the god of political correctness.) (High fives god of retribution, who understands my anger at the local tribes after watching me lose my first born child at a blackjack table.)
  • Swanbergs Arena: "The Luau." It's also one way to get R.E. Graswich to buy in. Another way would be to name it after a dive bar.
  • Fry's Electronics Arena: It'll probably be about the same size as a typical Fry's, so there's that.
  • Folsom Lake Ford Center: The biggest contributors to the sales tax revenue should get some consideration.
  • IKEA Arena: The arena parking structure could double as weekend overflow for IKEA. Hell, it might be closer to the store than the store's parking. Also, with I-5 and the Sacramento River separating the two, it'd be like a crazy round of Frogger. Fun all around.
  • Wilson Leather Center: You're with me, arena.
That's all I've got. Hit me with your best shot. Fire away.