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A 'Speedy' Addition?

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Update [2006-7-3 23:4:5 by TZ]: Speedy Claxton is an Atlanta Hawk. It seems Billy Knight has renounced his 6'7-at-every-position strategy for a go-undersized-at-every-position scheme. Awesome!

The Kings appear to be pursuing point guard Speedy Claxton, according to The Bee.

Getting Claxton at the mid-level exception would be a nice pick-up for Geoff Petrie. Claxton isn't a great shooter by any means (and he's horrible from deep), but he's a great playmaker who obviously isn't above coming off the bench. His career assist numbers are phenomenal, and he is historically pretty good at not turning it over too much.

In The Bee, Sam Amick plays up Claxton's relationship with Eric Musselman, which goes back to Golden State. Also, the bigger indication Claxton could be close to signing with a new team is the revelation that New Orleans has a new back-up point guard - former King Bobby Jackson, putting an end to the dream that BoJax could return to Sactown for one more run.

(I would also be irresponsible if I didn't mention that Claxton is, yes, from NYC. Queens.)

Amick also says that the Kings are talking to the agents for center Joel Przybilla (whom I suspect will be expensive), old friend Darius Songaila, and old Laker Devean George.

Przybilla's availability would seem to center on Chicago's wunderlust for Ben Wallace. If Chicago can pry Big Ben away from Motown, Przybilla then assumedly falls to the gaggle of sign-and-trade candidates, which include San Antonio, Sacramento, and others. I think it's highly unlikely Przybilla will take the mid-level, and Portland will be looking for veterans, not youngsters or draft picks in return. The Kings might just have more pieces to deal than San Antonio.

But this is all contingent on Wallace falling to the Bulls. Which probably won't happen.

(I like Przybilla, by the way. But he's a starter quality center that would be backing up Brad Miller. He could fit that double-backup role - where he backs up Brad and Brad backs up Shareef - to ensure at least one offensive-minded big stays on the floor. And he's a great pickup for two years down the road, when Brad approaches the glue factory. But I don't know... this could get costly, right? If you can work a miracle and get him for the mid-level or Kenny Thomas, a draft pick, and financial considerations, absolutely go for it. But if not, well I'm concerned.)