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Nuggets Want Bonzi to Take a One-Year Deal

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Denver is apparently hoping Bonzi Wells will sign a one-year flyer with them, according to the Rocky Mountain News.

That'd be great for Denver, but awful for Bonzi. I mean, his stock isn't going to get higher, is it? Unless George Karl makes a pact with Satan, they aren't getting a ring next season. And wouldn't that be what Bonzi would need to improve his value, a prolonged run of huge games in the playoffs AGAIN? Lightning don't strike twice.

Add in chances of injury, chances of deciding he hates George Karl, chances of not aging well, chances of corrupting Carmelo Anthony, chances of completely foiling an acquisition of Allen Iverson or being forced to the bench when that does happen... it doesn't add up for him.

How did he go from a sure $7 million for 5 years to $5 for one? How in the world does that happen?

Other notes from the weekend:

  • Jamaal Magloire, everyone's favorite Kenny Thomas trading partner, is apparently on his way to Portland for a bagel and an opened packet of hot cocoa mix. (No offense to Steve Blake, a true American hero. Also, Brian Skinner is back in Wisconsin! Woohoo!) The Bucks had always been the default second party when we talk about trading Kenny Thomas, mostly because they need a power forward and they almost traded for him last season (straight up for Desmond Mason, was the alleged deal). KT-to-MKE is still a possibility, though Magloire definitely made the most sense coming back.
  • The Kings asked about Chris Wilcox (another true American hero), according to the Seattle Times. Wilcox would be an odd addition, in that we'd then have three starting power forwards. You couldn't start Wilcox over Shareef Abdur-Rahim, I think, and you couldn't start him over Kenny Thomas and live to tell about. If KT ain't sitting for Reef, he sure as hell ain't sitting for Chris Wilcox. So, would Seattle have really taken KT back in that deal? Or does Geoff Petrie have a deal to ship KT out for spare parts and/or draft picks just as soon as a backup for Shareef comes available? Hrm...
  • Eric Musselman is a good dude. I'd quote from the piece, but you really should read it yourself. It's terrific. Also, new assistant coach Jason Hamm is interesting.