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Kings Win!!! Kings Win!

Well, they did.

A couple of notes gleaned only from the box score:

  • No Ron Artest. Minnesota's youngsters have been spared for this round.
  • Kevin Martin goes for 20 points in 27.5 minutes on 11 shots. He could go for 40 this summer. (And considering the competition level, it still wouldn't mean a thing.)
  • Francisco Garcia didn't have such a good game. 2 for 8, four turnovers. He's a slow starter.
  • Ronnie Price has 13 points on 4 of 7 shooting. And a team-high three assists. I'd make fun of the Kings' assist number if Minnesota didn't have just a total of 4. For the whole team.
  • Sacramento MVP? Starter Louis Amundson - the UNLV Mark Madsen. 16 points on 9 shots, seven rebounds, 2 blocks, 2 steals. Not bad, rook.
  • Justin Williams of the University of Wyoming got 7 personal fouls in 22 minutes. That's just impressive.
  • Stockton Royalty alert: Christian Maraker scored 2 points in very limited time.
  • Top opponent Randy Foye goes for 23 points. Hrm.
  • Administrative note: The Sactown Greatest series will resume early next week with #15. Things got kind of screwed up this week with the holiday. My bad. Feel free to make your guesses in the comments.