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I Like Lou. Or, LOU!!!! Rather.

Nothing but glowing reviews for Louis Amundson so far. Here's DraftExpress:

The presence of Artest and Martin showed how much of an asset Amundson can be on a team where the skill level of his teammates is extremely high. Amundson keeps balls alive, finishes missed shots off of offensive rebounds, blocks shots and strips balls, tips balls back to teammates for extra possessions and hits the glass with reckless abandon. If Amundson can get a competent shot going for him he could be an even more valuable rotation player, one capable of getting significant playing (time) once his aggressiveness is contained enough to limit his fouling, which will be a concern.

Not much else to say in this department. Amundson continued to fill in the blanks and make his presence felt without once commanding the ball. Amundson had a powerful put-back slam to finish up his evening to the rousing applause of the home-town rebel faithful.

He's been compared several times to Mark Madsen, who also happens to be a hustle guy who can't shoot.

Sam Amick, covering summer league for The Bee, also primes the Royal faithful on Sweet Lou:

He is known as a scrappy, energetic player, with plenty of muscle and hustle to rebound and defend. He scored 16 points and grabbed seven rebounds in his debut Thursday, then had 12 points and 12 rebounds Friday. He was the recipient of a perfect alley-oop pass from Kings point guard Ronnie Price in the second quarter, slamming it home to the delight of his familiar crowd that chanted "Lou!"

Amundson later shook the backboard with a putback dunk, sparking rave reviews from Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof courtside.

Amick also passes along that Amundson will be in training camp, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's a Ronnie Price-come to camp-don't get injured-you're on the team type guy.

(Also, some guy named Ron Artest played with the Kings' summer league team last night. Apparently, he's pretty good. Huh.)