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Lil' Artest to Play in Europe

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From the Indianapolis Star, we find out that Ron Artest's little brother has signed on to play with a low-level team in Germany.

Daniel Artest is too slow, too heavy, and too short for the league. (He's 6'5 and 275 - yeah, shorter AND heavier than Ron.) Ron-Ron is already stretching and morphing the boundaries of the NBA norm as far as physical attributes go - he's a power forward in a shooting guard's body. Luckily, he has the agility, hand quickness, and shooting touch to make it work.

Dan-Dan ain't coming to the NBA ever, so get that thought out of your head. But still... can you imagine a more fear-inducing duo to come across in a two-on-two tournament? I think they would beat the sh*t out of any team they came across. Not on the scoreboard, mind you. Literally. If Ron-Ron broke Michael Jordan's ribs in a playoff game, what would the bigger, stronger Dan-Dan do to a scrub? Color me intrigued.

But yeah, it's never happening in Sacramento or anywhere else in the NBA. So forget about it.