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Bonzi, Bonzi, Bonzi.

What hath you wrought, Bonzi Wells?

William Phillips, agent for Kings guard Bonzi Wells, has said the Nuggets continue to inquire about his client, who recently turned down a five- year, $36 million offer from Sacramento. ... The Nuggets would like to get Wells for one year for $3 million or less. But it could be a while before he considers that.

The name "Latrell Sprewell" has been invoked a few times around here with regards to Bonzi's financial suicide. Now, the mass media is getting into the act. Here's Chris Mannix from Sports Illustrated:

That brings us to Wells, two months removed from an impressive postseason performance but barely a year removed from being declared a cancerous presence that Memphis shipped out of town. Wells and his agent have made it clear they will not accept any deal that pays Wells less than the $8 million he made last season. In a related story, they also have never heard of Latrell Sprewell.

Williams Phillips probably shouldn't get another client ever. I'm amazed Bonzi hasn't dropped him yet.