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Unveiling... The Marv Albert "YES" Shirt

As promised, we're going to try to do our part to help Measures Q & R pass this November.

Step #1: Make t-shirts.

Thanks to the kind folks at, you can now get your very own "Vote YES" t-shirt, featuring everyone's favorite announcer, Marv Albert!

Here's what the t-shirt looks like:

And here's a close-up of the logo on the shirt:

The price before shipping is $8.90. Standard shipping within the states in $4.99, so the total is under $14. So buy two! (FYI: This is marked down completely, and I won't be making a cent - a quarter-cent, even! - off these. Hell, I didn't even put the site's URL on the shirt. This is just a pure pro-Q&R t-shirt. And it has Marv Albert on it. But yeah, pure politics.)

I will be making some other garments (female tank tops, heavyweight tees, the XXXL size) available with the logo on it, but go ahead and e-mail me or comment in this thread with any particular requests. Take a look around Spreadshirt, too - they have tons of fun (and cheap!) designs available. (But buy this shirt and wear it first!)