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Ron-Ron, German Hustler

We've been waiting forever for a report out of one of Ron Artest's opening gigs on the Fat Joe tour. Thanks to SLAMonline's Lang Whitaker and a German fan, we've got one:

After the first track Ron came down the stage and stood right in front of us while rapping and getting his cigar lit by some fan. Shortly thereafter, he asked people to join him on stage. My boy Ben was one of the lucky ones. He didn't manage to climb over the barrier because security was holding him back, so Ron lifted him over the barrier while somehow holding the mic and his cigar at the same time. Now that's what I call skills!!

The only image in my head after reading this comes from a Vanilla Ice concert I attended in SF in like 1999. It was on his rock comeback tour. A still unknown Papa Roach was among the openers. (And, um, that's the only reason I went. Yeah. That's it.)

Anyways, during the set, Ice came down into the first row in the crowd and we high-fived. It was glorious. So I can only imagine how this German dude feels after Ron Artest picked him up and lifted him over a security barrier and onto the stage, with a cigar and microphone in his other hand. One of those things you don't forget.

No stories of wrongdoing or mischief have surfaced throughout the American or European tours, so that's another good sign.

Oh, and go read the rest of the review. There are pictures.