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Loren Woods?

A reader emailed today to say he saw Loren Woods at Sacramento International Airport over the weekend. This Loren Woods. The former heir apparent to Tim Duncan at Wake Forest, former stud center at Arizona, and former back-up in Minnesota, Miami, and Toronto.

Woods might be headed to Sacramento. Not too many 7'2 free agent centers hang out in the River City unless they're talking turkey. NY, LA, Dallas, Miami - I wouldn't think anything of any NBA player showing up there. But Sacramento? And everyone in the free world knows Geoff Petrie is looking for a legitimate back-up to Brad Miller. Woods is one of the cheaper young options out there.

With solid per-minute numbers, it's hard to understand why Toronto chained LW to the bench last season. But then again, it was hard to understand anything Toronto did the last few years, until Bryan Colangelo arrived.

In 27 games, Woods had a rebound rate over 20 last season - one of the better marks in the league. And he's over 2 blocks per 40 minutes for his career.

Who knows if Petrie is going to sign Woods. But it's definitely something to think about.